VI Plastics was created out of a love for the pristine waters and soft sand beaches of the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Teaching the next generation of recyclers

VI Plastics will work with local public and private schools and the BVI college to provide workshops, classes, group projects and field trips so children and youth can learn how and why to recycle.

Giving Back

We are committed to supporting sustainable development in the BVI and will provide a portion of the profits from the sale of our plastic products to non-profit organizations in the BVI who are working to protect and support coral habitats.


Tourism has helped the BVI territory grow and stabilize its economy, but tourism also swells the population and contributes to waste production. Carrie Wright, the founder of VI Plastics, first came to the BVI in 2014 as a tourist with her family for a sailing vacation. Originally from Canada where recycling is a common practice, she found it difficult to put plastic and glass materials into the regular garbage bin for disposal. She began talking with local businesses and environmental stakeholders about a potential solution. Less than two years later, she moved from Canada with her family to start a plastics recycling facility on Tortola.

Carrie has a PhD in social and developmental psychology and began her work career as a senior analyst with the provincial Government of Ontario in Canada. She moved from program research to broader social policy work and then into the areas of strategic planning and government innovation. After seven years, she left the government to focus on research in the area of government innovation. She continutes to work as a research associate and social entrepreneur in-residence with the Social Innovation and Venture Creation team at the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. VI Plastics represents Carrie’s passions for environmental protection, collaboration and innovation to advance the social good.